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Power+Play Interactive Science has been in operation since September of 2017 and debuted at Ealing  International College in Dalian China. At that time, Shreveport native, Brittany R. Willis was hired to  present chemistry concepts to students at the international college that were interested in attending  university in western countries. Using the material from the IGCSE Chemistry and Biology International  Student Entrance Exam, Ms. Willis created a program that provided instruction and incorporated  experiments, games and even sports! The headmaster of the college requested that the program be  developed further to include concepts that spanned the whole of the school’s curriculum and  Power+Play Interactive Science was implemented in the English-speaking chemistry classes as well as a  few of the original classes that were being taught in Chinese. 

In 2018, Power+Play Interactive Science began its planning phases in the United States and held its first  full week of activities at the Bill Cockrell Community Center from July 8-12,2019. Alongside this  American debut, we were able to gain valuable insight into the needs of the community with regards to  the perception of science as a study.


During the pandemic, we have shifted our focus to continue to present our interactive and unique  approach to science in a safe way! Our session groups are limited in number and we have begun a  YouTube series that covers different areas of science knowledge and mathematics help in order to  connect with a wider audience during this time of social distance.  

Check us out on our socials to see what we are up to and to see how you can get in on the fun! Knowledge is power, but knowledge reimagined is Power+Play!


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